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Eurotiles: Philippines' First Tile and Tile Adhesive Producer

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

For 26 years, the Eurotiles brand has the word superior stick to its name for having reputation in producing superior quality of ceramic tiles. The company started manufacturing tiles in the early 90s – a 6.5 hectare facility operating 24 hours capable producing 15,000 square meters of white-body tiles daily.

After 10 years as the leading brand in ceramic tile market, Eurotiles first introduced its tile adhesive, Superior Tile Adhesive, just to compliment the production of tiles. It was just recently when Eurotiles started putting marketing efforts for tile adhesives into further growing an entire new line of construction chemical products.

For many years, tiles would be installed on floors or walls using a mixture of sand, water and cement. Using tile adhesives comes with a lot of advantages:

Eurotiles has become the expert in tiling solutions from being the first tile and tile adhesive producer in the country.

Cost and Time Effective

Even though tile adhesives were first introduced in the market with higher cost than with sand and cement, it actually saves a lot of labor cost because using tile adhesives make the work faster. It is already premixed with its additive bonding and durability components which saves you time from mixing cement, sand and water. You only need a thin bed in to concrete surface and if cured for enough time, bonding strength of your tiles is ensured. Over the time, prices of tile adhesives declined as its market continues to grow and more brands come with different variations and uses for different kinds of tiles, especially with larger tiles. Prices of cement increased while tile adhesives decreased. Here is a cost comparison of using Eurotiles Superior Tile Adhesive VS cement:

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Eurotiles Superior Tile Adhesive VS sand and cement Cost Comparison Table


Tile adhesives are formulated with additive components for strong adhesion that is above industry standard. Every production of Eurotiles Superior Tile Adhesive is tested for pull-off strength using state of the art electronically-calibrated testing machines with digital read-outs to guarantee the market of its high quality outputs. To cater different usages of tiles, marbles, granite and natural stones, Eurotiles Heavy Duty Tile Adhesive and S1-Premium Flexible Tile Adhesive were introduced. These were specifically formulated as premium polymer grade, fast setting, and cement-based tile adhesive with superior water resistance and low shrinkage capability.

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Power Trio: Complete tiling solutions. From left to right: S1 Premium Tile Adhesive; Superior Tile Adhesive; Heavy Duty Tile Adhesive

Using a mixture of sand and cement based mortar for laying tiles is over. While there might be additional costs, the reality is that these are outweighed heavily by the convenience, quality and lower labor costs of specially formulated additives.

Beyond Borders

Eurotiles Industrial Corporation now stands on its new tagline Beyond Borders going beyond the borders of producing tile and tile adhesives to now offering a construction chemicals solutions. This includes skimcoat, technical mortar, waterproofing, etc that can accommodate home installation needs and other building structures.

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Eurotiles now offers a complete construction chemicals solutions from then tile adhesives to now skimcoating to technical repair mortars to waterproofing.

Eurotiles' commitment to producing only quality products extends beyond our goal to customer satisfaction.

For more information about our products visit:

You can also visit our Plant Showroom located at KM 39 E. Aguinaldo Highway Biga 2, Silang, Cavite

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