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What is Eurotiles Superior Ceramic Tile?

Eurotiles Superior Ceramic Tiles are relatively thin slabs of ceramic material in varying shapes and thickness.  These tiles are made from mixtures of clays, sand and other natural substances.


Raw materials such as kaolin clay, feldspar, silica sand and water are batched into a ball mill with water. These undergo grinding, and mixing, producing slurry called “slip.”  The slip is then filtered. The slip passed through an array of magnetic rods to remove metallic particles that may cause defects in tiles. Through a series of fine nozzles, the slip is sprayed into a giant funnel-like chamber called “Spray Dryer”. The spray dryer is heated by hot air inside, drying the slip mist into fine powder.


Subject powder is conveyed to the hydraulic press where it is molded to form the ceramic tile body. It is further dried through a fast-dryer before glazing.  The glaze forms a thin coating of

glass when sprayed onto the tile surface.  Screen-printing is also done here.  Electronic sensors are strategically located along the conveyor to eliminate defective tiles.  The glazed green ware that has passed quality control is then fed inside a roller kiln with a length of at least 80 meters and subjected to temperatures of up to 1180 degree C.


Finished products exit from the kiln and pass through electronic sensors and visual inspections.  Each tile also passes through a pre-set load, eliminating tiles that are below the required breaking strength.  It is then automatically machine-sorted for size classification and coding, eliminating substandard tiles.  The finished products are boxed, coded, and transferred to the finished goods warehouse for delivery.

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