Caesar Sanitary Ware is another imported brand of Eurotiles; it has advance technology that is at par with its competitors. Caesar was the first to introduced the Fine Fire Clay (FFC) technology in Asia that is capable of producing huge and seamless ceramic/porcelain products. The R & D department is continuously inoovating products that will suit in today's busy lifestyle.

What is Caesar Sanitary Ware?

For over 20 years in Vietnam, Caesar Sanitary Ware has been producing sanitary wares adhering to user friendly and environmental sustainability. Nowadays, Caesar has become top three leading manufacturer of sanitary ware in Vietnam as a result of successful brand building and sales growth with production capacity steadily growing over one million pieces annually.

Caesar constantly evolves manufacturing practices and applies advance technology from Europe complying with CNS standard. Caesar consistently leads the way in designs, quality and functionality of sanitary ware, providing enjoyable bathroom experience to customers like no one else.



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