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Heavy Duty Tile Adhesive, tile adhesive, heavy duty, tile adhesive heavy duty

Heavy Duty Tile Adhesive


A high quality thick or thin bed cement-based tile adhesive ideal for fixing ceramic, quarry, slate, marble, homogenous, low porous porcelain and monocoturra tiles in internal and external application for both walls and floors.

Eurotiles Heavy Duty Tile Adhesive can be used to lay tiles onto concrete, cement rendered, block work and rendered brickwork surfaces in both interior and exterior applications.

  • Good water resistance

  • High bonding strength

  • Non-toxic, non-flammable

  • Fast hold




Surface Preparation

  • All surfaces must be structurally sound, free from movement, dry, clean, free from oil, grease, wax, dust and other contaminants.

  • For painted surfaces;  It should be scraped to bare at least 80% of the original substrate

  • Newly built  concrete must be allowed to cure for 28 days

  • Newly rendered surfaces must be allowed to cure for at least 7 days

  • For old concrete and rendered surfaces, a strong grade detergent or degreaser must be used to clean the surface, thoroughly washed away the detergent or degreaser with clean water.

  • The whole surfaces must be dry for at least 24 hours (no moisture) prior to tiling but must be dampened using sponge or cloth before application.


Mxing and Application

  • Gradually add 25 kg. of Eurotiles Heavy Duty Tile adhesive to 5 to 6 liters of water into a plastic pail. Mix continuously until a thick creamy consistency is achieved free of lumps (use of electric mixer is highly recommended).

  • Allow the mixture to stand 5-10 minutes, mix again before application.

  • Spread the adhesive onto the substrate using a notched trowel.

  • Choices of notched trowel depend on the size of the tile, depth knobs, grooves and ridges on the back of the tiles and evenness of the substrate.

  • For tiles 300mm x 300mm and up, the adhesive should be placed onto the back of the tiles in addition to the adhesive on the substrate.

  • Do not allow the adhesive to skin over prior to tiling.

  • During installation, press the tiles onto the tile adhesive first. Then, move it against the notched trowel line while fixing or adjusting tile on its position.



Trowel the adhesive mixture by the unnotched side at approximately 5-9mm into the flat surface. Spread the adhesive in approximately one square meter at a time and rib with the notched trowel. Trowel adhesive into the back of big sized tiles (600mm x 600mm and higher) and spread using the notched trowel. Lay the tiles to its preplanned pattern by pressing into the adhesive bed. Tap into position, eliminating voids. Distance between tiles should be at least 2mm. Complete the tiling by adjusting tiles in place and tapping with a piece of leveled wood using rubber hammer until through and even. Observe at least 6mm distance between tiles every 6-8 sqm. Keep the distance from wall or post at least 8mm. The higher the water absorption of tiles, the bigger the gaps. Make sure tile surface is free from excess adhesive.


Note:  The adhesive coverage must be uniform and cover the entire tile thoroughly. The advised thickness must be approximately half the height of the square notched trowel used. Ensure that there are no voids under the tiles.

Cleaning and Grouting

  • Allow the tilling to set for 24 hours before grouting with Eurotiles Superior Tile Grout.

  • Wipe off residue on the tile surface with wet foam (clean water). Hands and tools can be cleaned with water.

  • Proper tile spacing must be observed. At least 3mm width is needed to allow possible movement of tile due to shrinkage and thermal formation and also to prevent tile cracking and mullet.




Compressive Strength:                 28 days = 2000psi

Bonding Strength:                           7 days = > 1mpa

                                                         28 days = > 1.30mpa

Packaging: 25 kg

Storage:  12 months from date of manufacture


Heavy Duty Tile Adhesive

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