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S1 Premium Flexible Tile Adhesive

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S1 Premium Flexible Tile Adhesive


A premium polymer grade, thick or thin bed, fast setting, cement-based tile adhesive specifically formulated to fix ceramic, granite, slate, natural stone, mosaics, fully vitrified, porcelain, glazed glass ceramics both walls and floors in internal and external applications.

S1 Premium Flexible Tile Adhesive has superior water resistance and low shrinkage capability. It can be used on waterproofing membranes, immerse areas especially swimming pools and in walls and floors with movement. It can also be used in fiber cement boards and tile on tile applications.

  • Extra bonding strength

  • Flexible, accommodates shrinkage movement

  • Superior water resistance

  • Can be laid and can cover old tiles and waterproofing membranes

  • Excellent workability


Packaging: 25 kg

Storage: 12 months from date of manufacture


Surface Preparation

  • All surfaces must be structurally sound, free from movement, dry, clean, free from oil, grease, wax, dust and other contaminants.

  • For painted surfaces;  It should be scraped to bare at least 80% of the original substrate

  • Newly built  concrete must be allowed to cure for 28 days

  • Newly rendered surfaces must be allowed to cure for at least 7 days

  • Old rendered and old concrete surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned prior to tiling.

  • Steel trowel finished concrete must be acid-etched or mechanically abraded prior to tilling.

  • Expansion joints coinciding with joints in the substrate should be incorporated at the design stage at a maximum of 5 meters spacing and must not be tiled over. Movement joints must not be less than 6mm or greater than 100mm wide.



  • Mixing ratio: 5-6 L of clean water : 25 Kg Eurotiles S1 Premium Tile Adhesive

  • Slowly pour the Eurotiles S1 Premium Flexible Tile Adhesive to a pail of clean water. Do not pour water into a pail of tile adhesive since it will be difficult to mix and can cause lumps in the mixture.

  • Use a hand mixer or mechanical mixer (speed at 500rpm) for mixing until a thick creamy consistency is achieved free of lumps.

  • Allow the mixture to stand for 5-10 minutes for chemical slaking and to reduce bubbles.

  • Remix the compound before use

  • Mixed Eurotiles S1 Premium  Flexible Tile Adhesive should be used up within 1-2 hours depending on environment humidity.

  • Avoid pouring additional water or powder after mixing, slaking period or when the tile adhesive has set.



  • Spread evenly the adhesive onto the back of the tile with the notched side of the trowel.

  • When installing tile larger than 30x30 cm and tiles with deep grooves/ridges or uneven back, trowel a double coat of tile adhesive onto the substrate and also spread adhesive at  the back of tiles prior to installation of each tile.

  • Choices of notched trowel depend on the size of the tile, depth knobs, grooves and ridges on the back of the tiles and evenness of the substrate.

  • Avoid spreading more than 1 sqm. of adhesive at  one time. Make sure that the adhesive is wet when the tiles are laid and tapped into the position to create positive contact with the adhesive.

  • Press tiles firmly into position before the adhesive skins, ensuring all tiles are well-bedded and no voids occur. Adjust or move the tiles against the notched trowel line.


Cleaning and Grouting

  • Allow the tilling to set for 24 hours before grouting with Eurotiles Superior Tile Grout. Allow the grouting to slake for 2 hours.

  • Wipe off residue on the tile surface with a wet foam (clean water). Hands and tools can be cleaned with water.



Compressive Strength:                                     28 Days = 2,860psi

Transverse Deformation S1 Standard PNS   2.50mm – 5mm: 3.36mm

Bonding Strength:                                             7 days = >1.0mpa

                                                                             28 days = > 1.5mpa

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