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Eurotiles Non-Shrink Grout (Bedding) 114

Non-shrink, High Strength Structural Grouting


Eurotiles Non-Shrink Grout is a high strength structural grout used most for grouting installation. Gaseous expansion in the plastic state ensures positive contact and load transfer in structural grouting applications.


  • Bedding from 10 to 50mm thickness

  • In plastic consistency, fastening of steel bars, rods, connectors and anchor bolts

  • Bedding for equipment, support for heavy machinery and rails

  • Sealing of precast elements

  • 15 to 20cm for micro concrete

  • strengthening works


waterproofing, drymix, construction chemical, construction, waterproofing, technical mortar, skimcoat, tile adhesive, grout

Eurotiles Non-Shrink Grout (Anchoring) 112

Balanced Shrinkage Sealing Mortar – High Mechanical Strength


Eurotiles Non-Shrink Grout-Anchoring is a pre-mixed, cementitious, non-shrink high strength grout for sealing and anchoring.

  • Good workability

  • High mechanical strength

  • Easy to apply



  • Sealing of industrial equipment, construction of poles and columns, concrete rebars and bolts

  • Anchoring of steel bars

  • Underpinning works

  • Assembly of prefabricated and pre-stresses concrete elements

  • Trench filling

  • Casting works

  • Sealing concrete blocks/posts with micro concrete.


eurotiles plaster patch, thin rendering mortar, plaster mortar, plaster patch

Eurotiles Plaster Patch 104

Thin Rendering Mortar – Interior & exterior walls and ceilings

Eurotiles Plaster Patch is a fine rendering mortar with 2mm to 10 mm thickness use for repair of surface defects on traditional renders or concrete panels of walls or ceilings.

  • With high bonding strength

  • Compatible with decorative wall coverings

  • Interior and exterior application

  • Easy to us



  • Reinforced concrete

  • Interior and exterior walls and ceilings from 2mm to 10mm thickness

  • Traditional rendering

  • Precast concrete panels.


eurotiles quick fix, quick fix, fiber mortar, industrial flooring, floor hardening

Eurotiles Quick Fix 116

Non-Shrinking Fiber Mortar Fast Hardening for Roads & Industrial floors

Eurotiles Quick Fix is a fast-setting repair mortar for roads and floors

  • Easy to apply

  • High mechanical strength

  • Fast  hardening

  • Suitable for concrete roads or industrial floor repair, pot holes, etc.



  1. Fastening of sight holes, trapdoors frames, manhole covers, telecom hatches, signposts, street furniture, etc.

  2. Use to repair concrete walkways and roads, potholes, industrial flooring, undercuts, etc.

  3. Bed-face for high-traffic paving and road surfaces


eurotiles, eurotiles quick leveller thick, leveller, leveler thick, leveling mortar, mortar, leveller mortar, self leveling mortar, self levelling

Eurotiles Quick Leveller Thick 108

Self-Levelling Mortar (Interior & Exterior Floors Thickness 7-20 mm)

Eurotiles Quick Leveller Thick is a ready-to-mix self-leveling screed for preparing old and new interior and exterior floors before applying or laying, vinyl sheets, tiles, carpet, parquet, rubber or floor paints. Application thickness is from 7mm to 20mm.



  • Suitable for balconies, terraces, car-parks, garages, warehouses and industrial floors, etc.

  • Permissible substrate: Mortar screed / concrete slabs / prefabricated elements

  • Possible covering materials: Carpet / vinyl sheets / tiles / parquet / rubber / floor paints


eurtiles quick leveller thin, thin levellerm mortar, leveling mortar, thin mortar, leveller, self levelling mortar

Eurotiles Quick Leveller Thin 106

Self-Levelling Mortar for Interior Floors 3-8mm thickness

Eurotiles Quick Leveller Thin is a self-levelling ready to mix mortar for preparing substrate before laying thin floor coverings in 3-8mm thickness application, it can be used for both old and new floors.

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Self-levelling and self-smoothing

  • Quick opening to traffic

  • Compatible with traditional floor coverings



Interior floor that requires an even and smooth surfaces e.g. hotels, hospitals, office buildings, shops/boutiques, supermarkets, etc.


Permissible substrate:

Concrete slabs/ mortar screed/ pre-fabricated elements


Possible covering materials:

Vinyl sheeting/tiles/carpet/parquet/ rubber/ floor paints


skimcoat excel, eurotiles skimcoat, skimcoat paste, ready to use skimcoat, skim coat, eurotiles skm coat

Eurotiles Skim Coat Excel 102

Ready to Use Skim Coating (thickness 0.3 to 4mm)

Eurotiles Skim Coat Excel is a ready-to-use smooth skim rendering paste for thickness 0.3-4mm used to level surface defects in concrete or render.

  • Ready to use

  • Easy to apply

  • Superb smooth white finish

  • Can be used in interior and exterior application

  • Can be painted directly, no primer needed



Can be applied for both interior and exterior wall and ceilings in 0.3 to 4mm thickness

  • Lightweight concrete blocks

  • Shuttered concrete

  • Reinforced concrete

  • Precast concrete

  • Concrete soffits

  • Fiber cement board


eurtiles skimcoat, ready to use skimcoat, skimcoat gray, skim coat eco, eco skimcoat

Eurotiles Skim Coat Eco 100

Ready to Use Skim Coating (thickness 0.3 to 4mm)

Eurotiles Skimcoat ECO is a smooth skim rendering liquid to be mixed with cement at thickness of 0.3 to 4mm for eliminating grooves, seams and rock pockets in concrete surface to have a seamlessly smooth finish.

  • Seamlessly smooth finish

  • High bonding strength

  • For interior and exterior use

  • Can be painted directly , no primer needed



Can be applied for both interior and exterior wall and ceilings from 0.3 to 4mm thickness

Interior/ Exterior

  • Reinforced concrete

  • Pre-cast concrete panels

  • Traditional rendering mortars

  • Lightweight concrete of lightweight block

  • Fiber cement board


eurotiles repair mortar, repair mortar, structural mortar, structural repair mortar, fiber reinforced mortar, non shrink mortar, mortar

Eurotiles Structural Repair Mortar 110

Fiber-reinforced non-shrink mortar

Eurotiles Structural Repair Mortar is a fiber-reinforced non-shrink mortar for repair of concrete structures and reinforcement of weakened structures with application thickness of 2mm to 35mm.

  • High mechanical strength

  • Excellent resistance to sea water and sulphated water

  • Semi-smooth finish

  • Paintable after 24hrs depending on the atmospheric condition



  • Repair of concrete surfaces: spalling, honeycombing, stairnosing, ramp, etc.

  • Concrete restructuring: pillars, slabs, posts, dam aprons and spillways

  • Reinforcement of weakened structures: balconies and cornices

  • Treatment of chamfers and seams prior to waterproofing


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