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Eurotiles Acry Kote 210

Acrylic Waterbased Waterproofing Paint


Acry Kote 210® has been skillfully engineered through aqueous dispersions of self-crosslinking acrylic polymers formulated into high performance waterproofing coating.


With remarkable water repellence, breathability, and excellent durability, Acry Kote 210® is built to withstand weathering, making it an outstanding choice for both external and internal surface applications. The product is quick-drying as it develops an excellent bond to most masonry surfaces and is perfect for use on steel and concrete substrates such as GI roof, firewall, roof deck, plant box, and basement negative.

Acry Kote 210® is non-toxic, created to resist dirt adhesion, and developed with microbial resistance property for superb mold & mildew-resistant coating.



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Eurotiles Bitu Kote 214

Water-based Rubberized Asphalt Elastic Waterproofing Paint


Eurotiles Bitukote water-based rubberized asphalt elastic waterproofing paint is a black elastic waterproofing material. That is composed by the emulsion which emulsifies anti-climate rubber emulsion and asphalt, and added various special functional materials.

Waterproofing functions for concrete roofs, concrete gutters, asbestos tiles, fire wall, toilet and bathroom, plant box and exterior wall of basement.

1. Good adhesive strength even on damp or wet surface.
2. Coating have self-adhesive function and automatically mend the fissures on concrete
3. One component and easy to use
4. Low viscosity, high solid content
5. Water-based, no environment pollution, non-flammable
6. Superior permeability and adhesive strength, durable waterproofing function


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crystal crete 206, crystal crete, waterproofing, cementitious waterproofing, crystal waterproofing, waterproofing paint

Eurotiles Crystal Crete 206

Cementitious Waterproofing by Crystallization


Eurotiles Crystal Crete is a cementitious waterproofing system that uses crystallization process to waterproof concrete surfaces. The active chemicals block the infiltration of water and other liquids to the concrete by means of crystallization, this happens when the chemicals react with moisture it results with crystalline formation within the pores and capillary tracts and concrete thus blocking the structure against penetration of water and other liquids from any direction. Eurotiles Crystal Crete gives a tough and lifelong waterproofing against dampness and ground hydrostatic pressure.

It can be used on interior and exterior below grade surfaces and protects the concrete from decay and waterborne corrosive salts. Eurotiles Crystal Crete has a strong resistance to impact abrasion thus it can be used on horizontal structural slabs against hydrostatic pressure and negative waterproofing of concrete structure.


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Eurotles flex, cementitious waterproofing, flexible waterproofing, waterproofing, waterproof paint

Eurotiles Flex 200

Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing 


Eurotiles Flex is a two-component (powder and liquid) flexible cementitious waterproofing mortar use for protection and waterproofing of rendered concrete and masonry

  • Flexible and watertight

  • Resistant to micro-cracking up to 2mm

  • Non toxic

  • Pressure-and-counter-pressure  resistant


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Eurotiles Primer Kote 216

Primer for Self-levelling Mortar


Eurotiles Primer Kote (diluted)– a bonding primer that creates a bonding key on smooth and sealed substrates or porous substrate. It improves the condition of the substrate, the bonding strength of the mortar and minimized pinholes. It also improves absorption capacity of the substrate.



  • Reinforced concrete

  • Precast concrete panels

  • Traditional rendering


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Eurotiles PU Kote 212

Polyurethane Fiber-Reinforced Waterproofing Paint


Eurotiles PU Kote 212 is consists of acrylic copolymer emulsion with specialized elastic fiber. It can display excellent adhesion with great waterproofing ability & tensile strength. The addition of fibers in this formulation also enhanced its durability, anti-cracking ability and waterproofing character.


  • Excellent tensile strength and high density elasticity

  • Superior adhesion and toughness

  • Superior weatherability and UV resistance

  • Fiberglass formulation, like nonwovens, improves water resistance and shock resistance

  • Water-based, non-toxic, odorless and inflammable

  • Eliminates the need for reinforcing a layer


Eurotiles Quick Plug 208

Quick Setting Hydraulic Cement


Eurotiles Quick Plug is an ultra-fast–setting hydraulic mortar that stops leaks by hardening within 60-90 seconds while increasing in volume. It offers long-term protection against recurring water leakage on the plugged area.

  • Ultra-fast setting, hardens in 60-90 seconds

  • High resistance to pressure

  • For interior and exterior use


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Eurotiles Seal & Flex

Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing


Eurotiles Seal & Flez is a single component flexible cementitious waterproofing mortar engineered to provide excellent protection and waterproofing to rendered concrete and masonry.

  • Flexible and watertight

  • Excellent adhesionF

  • Fiber reinforced mortar

  • Resistant to micro-cracking up to 2mm

  • Non-toxic

  • Pressure-and-counter-pressure resistant


Eurotiles, slurry, waterproofing, waterproofing system, alkali waterproofing,waterproofing paint

Eurotiles Slurry 204

Alkali-Reactive Waterproofing System


Eurotiles Slurry is a two-component alkali-reactive waterproofing system (crystallization process) that forms a fairly flexible waterproofing membrane capable of bridging cracks and can stand hydrostatic pressure. This product is ideal for below grade surfaces against concrete decay and water borne corrosive salts.

  • High resistance to positive and negative pressure

  • For interior and exterior use (below grade applications)

  • Non-toxic


eurotiles slurry, slurry, waterproofing, waterproofing system, slurry alkali
Flexible waterproofing, waterproofing, drymix, flexible waterproofing
eurotiles ultra flex, ultra flex, flex, ultra, waterproofing

Eurotiles Ultra Flex 202

Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing

Eurotiles Ultra-Flex is a two-component flexible hydraulic micro-mortar for the protection and waterproofing of masonry and concrete structures.

  • Excellent resistance to sea water and sulphated water

  • Can withstand micro cracking up to 4mm

  • High UV resistant

  • Flexible hydraulic micro-mortar




  •  Reservoirs, water towers, engineering structure, retention tanks, etc.

  • Under-tile sealant for public and private swimming pools (bonded with Eurotiles S1 Premium Tile Adhesive)

  • Under-tile or mortar covering sealant for balconies, damp premises, terraces, concrete deck and gutters.

  • Lift shaft basements, car parks, underground premises, etc.


Protection against:

  • Weathering (silos, engineering structures, domes,  etc.)

  • Email or call us for further inquiries on compatibility of coverings with contact products.


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Eurotiles Clear Kote  222

Non- Yellowing Transparent Waterproof Paint

Consist of water-based formulation with poly-acrylic emulsion and latex. It provides colorless and transparent coating after application to maintain its original color, texture or structure.

  • Environmental water-based material.

  • Transparent coating film with non-yellowing feature.

  • Resistant in all weather conditions

  • Durable against scrubbing.



Stone, tile, wood, metal and other texture of material that requires top-coating protection and waterproofing.


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Eurotiles Solar Kote  Matte 218/Gloss 220

Premium Anti-Heat Waterproof Paint

The concept of Solar Kote Matte 218 is derived from the spaceship cabin's anti-radiant and waterproofing technology. Solar Kote Matte 218 is consist of  imported raw materials and special formulation to provide extreme heat-resistant ability. It provides a solution in the humidity problem of iron-sheet surfaces, gives a comfortable indoor environment and also increases the energy efficiency of the building.

  • Great anti-ultraviolet, anti-acid and anti-alkaline characteristic with excellent weather durability.

  • Capable of isolating radiant heat and decreasing 60C of indoor temperature when the outdoor temperature is over 360C. Greater effect can be observe with higher outdoor temperature.

  • Prevent mold, bacteria and moss from growing.

  • Can be apply directly on the metal surface.

  • Specialized imported glass bubbles can be sufficiently reduce radiant heat.

  • Low VOC product.



Concrete-based surface, metal surface, wooden house, asbestos tile, storage, and other surfaces that require anti-heat, waterproofing and anti-corrosion characteristics.


eurotiles, waterproofing, waterproofing paint, anti heat, solar, premium, gloss, waterproofing gloss, premium waterproofing
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