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An innovative thin plastering mortar that covers pinholes and other finishing imperfections of concrete walls, columns, beams and ceiling.




1. Easy to apply - suitable for trowel application

2. Excellent workability

3. Noin-cracking

4. Superb smooth surface finish




1. Pour 8 liters clean water into a plastic pail. Then gradually add 20 kg.       Eurotiles Skim Coat into the water. No additional additives/materials 

    needed, just use water for mixing.


2. Use electric mixer or mason trowel in mixing for about 2-3 minutes or     until the mixture is lump free and pastry.


3. Let the mixture stand for 15 minutes and mix again briefly before use.


4. Make sure that the surface is clean and sound, free from dirt, dust           and oil.


5. Use steel trowel, apply Eurotiles Skim Coat evenly to your desired               thickness.


6. For best result, let the plastered wall to stand for 7 days to dry before     application of Eurotiles Skim Coat to avoid future cracking.




Appearance:         Superfine powder

Color:                     White/Gray

Finish:                    Smooth finish

Properties:            Cementitious component

Toxicology:            Non-Toxic

Odor:                     Odorless

Thickness:             .5-4mm

Mixing Ration:      400ml/1kg

Working Time:      20 minutes

Pot Life:                 3-4 hours

Drying Time:         dry touch  1/2 - 1 hour

                                dry through  4-8 hours

Curing Time:         12-48 hours

Coverage:              approx 17-18 sq.m./20 kg

Shelf Life:              12 months


The skim coat weight per square meter coverage is merely an approximation. Surface condition such as porosity, flatness and cleanliness will ultimately determine the coverage achieved.

Skim Coat Superfine

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