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Wants an ideal bathroom? You gotta check it out here!

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

The bathroom is a place where you can find peace, relax, rejuvenate, refresh and soothe, that's why everyone is dreaming of a perfect bathroom experience. Caesar Philippines got it all for you. Experience elegance and sophistication using Caesar sanitary wares!

sanitary ware, bathtub, water closet, faucet, tiles, sink, bathroom
Caesar Hanoi, Vietnam Showroom

Caesar Sanitary Ware has a wide range of water closet and bathroom fixtures that compliment the wide variety of tile brands (Versare, Perfect HD Tiles, Cerglass, etc.) of Eurotiles Superior Ceramic Tile.

Last CONEX 2018 (April) Ms. Marilen Faustino Montenegro an Interior Stylist and Lifestyle Blogger was able to visit our booth and decided to choose Caesar and Cerglass Tiles for her bathroom renovation. "So glad I found the perfect bathroom fixtures and tiles for our new home!! Caesar, the newest product line of @eurotilesph has outstanding design selections and technology! Stay tuned as I will be showing the progress of our home in the making!" - Ms. Marilen Faustino-Montenegro,

Watch out and subscribe to her blog and youtube channel for creative ideas and tips for an ideal bathroom using our very own tiles and wares, tune in for more updates. #EurotilesBeyondBorders #RelaxInYourCaesar

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