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Eurotiles Basecoat 20  400

EIFS Basecoat & Adhesive


Eurotiles Basecoat 20 is a basecoat for EIFS and other architectural coatings and finishes. It serves as an adhesive for; glass mat gypsum sheathing, exterior grade gypsum sheathing, cement boards, masonry and EPS.

Eurotiles Basecoat 20 has an excellent workability and can be applied without an addition of cement. It can be built up to 6mm thick in a single pass and can be used as leveler and filler for masonry, concrete and stucco surface with superior impact and puncture resistance.

•    EPS adhesive
         - Exterior grade gypsum sheathing
         - Glass mat gypsum sheathing
         - Masonry, concrete
         - Cement board
•    Architectural coating and finishes  (ACF)
•    Leveler and filler
         - Masonry
         - Concrete
         - Stucco surfaces



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eurotiles primer 540, primer, emulsion, ground treatment emulsion, primer emulsion

Eurotiles Primer 540  406

Ground Treatment Emulsion


Eurotiles Primer 540 is a water-based, emulsion copolymers of styrene and various acrylic monomers that are milky-white liquids with an ammonia or acrylic odor widely used for priming areas which has high alkali content. Its superfine particles can easily penetrate into the base or concrete. It also reduces the chance of efflorescence which may result from the cement content of various bases. These products are used in concrete and roofing applications to improve or provide flexibility, heat sealability, salt stability, and/or water resistance. It enhances the appearance and uniformity of Eurotiles Decorative Coatings and Finishes and painting.


Exterior and Interior:


  • Architectural binder coatings

  • Cement mortar and concrete additives

  • Concrete membrane applications

  • Concrete sealing

  • Roof maintenance coatings



  • Higher solids to enhance its versatility

  • Ease of handling through lower emulsion viscosity

  • Good water resistance property


Eurotiles sealer, sealer gloss, sealer, sealer primer

Eurotiles Sealer Matte 402/Gloss 404 

Sealer Matte/Gloss® is a single component, high performance primer engineered from quality silicone copolymer resins. The product is designed to deliver excellent adhesion, offers resistance to weathering for both external and internal surface applications, as well as outstanding water repellence to masonry surfaces.


Sealer Matte/Gloss® has the ability to cure at room temperature, even without exposure to extreme heat. It has an anionic property that provides a durable bond which makes it extremely resistant to water. Its advance formulation helps Sealer Matte/Gloss® to retain its semi-transparent color on any weather condition, with self-cleaning characteristics that repels water, oil, and other dirt.



Suitable for use as sealer, primer and waterproofing topcoat for industrial applications that require quick curing time, excellent weathering resistance, and outstanding water repellence. Can be applied to both external and internal surface applications, masonry projects, among others.


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